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Welcome to the new era of science writing, the successor of science fiction has arrived in the shape of science comedy. This article will reveal the best science comedy sketches around today from some of the greatest comedians including Billy Connolley, Ali G and Eddie Izzard.

Probably the greatest writer of science comedy is Matt Groening with his brilliant sketches in the Simpsons. Scientific issues have been raised time and again in the Simpsons. Stephen Hawking and Stephen Jay Gould have made guest appearances and issues such as evolution, obesity and black holes are brought up.

Combine this with some new comedy sketches about giving malaria a contract and the future of human evolution along with a surprise or two and the way science is portrayed will never be the same again.
Comedy and the natural world
The way the natural world has be portrayed through television has been nothing short of brilliant. Sir David Attenborough has become a legendary figure for his work in the area the BBC's most recent series the blue planet has had millions of viewers. The scientific world has not been revealed in such a fantastic way, perhaps revealing the comedy behind scientific theories and issues can help to change this.

However comedy has not neglected nature programmes. My favourite Billy Connolley sketch is lions hunting wilderbeast on the Serengeti plain in Africa. Billy Connolley starts of pretending to be the wilderbeast. "Did you hear a lion? There's a lioney feel about the place".
He then switches to being a particularly stupid one about four back. "I've never seen a lion before, what are they like? I've heard their beige, is that right? Are they beige? Camel hair kind of colour". The script then continues as follows:
Leader wilderbeast: Hey you eat the grass and shut up and do as your told
Particularly stupid wilderbeast: Well excuse me for being born by the way, ask a question about a lion and you get a mouthful of abuse.
Leader wilderbeast: Sure I heard a lion

The camera then cuts back to the male lions all lying under the tree scratching themselves and smoking.
It cuts to the female lions now about six feet from the wilderbeast with the leader one doing that shoulder number.
Leader lion: Agnes, Agnes, Agnes [whispering]
Billy then pretends to be the female lion, with his long grey hair he is perfectly suited for this.
He does sign language indicating to Agnes to go round the side and get the dopey one, all three of us, bang!
Leader lion: Betty, Betty [whispering]
He indicates in sign language for her to go round the other side.
Leader lion: 1, 2, 3, whaoo !! f**king lion
Particularly stupid wilderbeast: where ? where's the lion?
Bang it's on the ground, they've split it open, the lions head is in its ribcage, lung and stomach flying out, blood everywhere, it's back legs still trying to run. There's a wilderbeast standing there watching them do it. " Oh look at them eating that thing"
Billy starts shouting at the TV. "Run you idiot, if they look up your history. You see that dust that's every wilderbeast in Africa, run after them, they know something you don't".
Wilderbeast: I'm not a wilderbeast
Billy: I now come to the conclusion that wilderbeast don't know they're wilderbeast for there are no mirrors in the Serengeti plain, you can be anything you like. Are you a wilderbeast ?
Wilderbeast: What you kiddin' ? a wilderbeast, that'll be right, I'm one of those stripey things over there, one of those lions looks up, I,ll just fly away.

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Billy Performing his impression of a Wilderbeast